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Another Comedy Podcast?

Yes... Another one

The Linking Slinkies Podcast hosted by Howie and Al.

Just a couple of mates who thought they were pretty funny in High School and need and excuse to catch up now that we are old dads with busy schedules. We hope to make just one person laugh every week, but if you don't, that's on you not us. We are just stoked to talk smack for an hour locked away in our offices and everyone knows not to disturb us.

Howie and Al Babies



Some call it destiny, some call it living in a small town but Howie and Al were born being best mates. Their mothers knew one day they would start a podcast to tell stories all about themselvesā€¦ and sometimes people they know.

They were born together (couple of months apart, not actually twins), went to the same preschool, same primary school, same highschool and have been inseparable their whole lives. Well almost until Al decided to move away to the Big Apple or I guess Big Mango? Whatever you would call Brisbane. So the boys needed a way of catching up everyweek instead of calling each other on a long commute home, why not just make a Podcast so everyone can listen in!

Podcast requirements

We guarantee that each episode of The Linking Slinkies Podcast will contain 2 or more of the below objectives or your money back!

A Joke or Two

We aim to laugh and laugh we will. We also hope to make you laugh too with our dumb point of views on everyday things


Our Podcast aims to connect you with state-of-the-art Sponsors ranging from great products to life changing services.

Listner Engagement

We aim to reach all our audience members. Send us an email, follow us on Tik Tok or send us a carrier pigeon. However you get to us, we will get back to you and who knows you might even make it onto the Podcast.

5* 5 Star ratings
Yeah we got at least 5* 5 Star reviews on iTunes Apple Podcast. Who knows we might even have more since I wrote this sentence.

*they are totally legit ratings too

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What a journey we have been on so far and we have only just started!

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New Episodes every Monday 8 A.M (AEST) Check out the latest Episodes here.

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I think your pod cast will do well and I was laughing and thought it was great a part from the Catholic bits.
- Al's mum